Listen to the voice of myPRO

Zuani Casa,
San Floriano del Collio (Italy)

“We are Zuani a family-run winery and B&B.
Our customers stay 2-3 nights so we need to be very fast in managing our laundry and keeping a high quality. We used domestic machines but the times were very long and the amount of manual labor was very high.”

MAXG Parrucchieri, Pordenone (Italy)

“My name is Massimo Catalano and I am a hairdresser. My sister and I started this adventure in our parents’ hairdressing salon, and today we own six shops.
Until now, we always used a domestic washer and dryer, but they were never able to keep up with our heavy workload. Then we discovered myPRO…”

Due Fiumi,
Sacile (Italy)

“Hi, my name is Claudia.
My colleagues and I have decided to restore a rural farmhouse and convert it into a bed-and-breakfast.
The washer we use is a small, domestic machine that doesn’t handle the workload well.”

Richmond football club Australia

Richmond Football Club, Melbourne (Australia)

“We now have 3 washers and dryers installed in our small laundry area; the machines are compact, quiet and do an amazing job of 100-120 loads of washing per week. No more grass stains or oily residues that could be a fire hazard.”
Giuseppe Mamone, property manager

Richmond Football Club
Guesthouse Fraune, Germany

Guesthouse Fraune, Salzkotten (Germany)

“The time savings compared to conventional household washing machines is enormous. Thanks to the specific SpeedCare drum and the professional washing programs, washing now takes half the time with perfect washing results.”
Stefanie Lütkewitte-Fraune, owner

Guesthouse Fraune